World Political Compositions

World Political Compositions
Making Sense of the International


WORKSHOP Announcement

Jonathan Luke Austin (Graduate Institute, Geneva)
Anna Leander (Graduate Institute, Geneva; PUC-Rio)

Deadline: 20.03.2018

How do we make visceral, real, and lived sense of the International? The World Political Compositions project draws together contributions around the concept of composition, in the aesthetic sense of the term, and the five traditional senses of human perception, in order to answer this question more creatively, affectively, and – so – ‘objectively’ than they have been before. The contributors to the project have been asked to reflect on how simple sounds, sights, touches, smells, and tastes form the core of world political phenomena in terms of their manifestation of scale, their construction of systems of signification, their working to ‘make things happen’ around us, and ultimately their standing as the main building blocks of both everyday and academic sensemaking.

World Political Compositions begins in earnest with a workshop taking placed in San Francisco on the 3rd of April 2018, as a side-event of the 2018 International Studies Association meeting. The workshop brings together a leading and eclectic group of scholars who will explore their own use of the concept of composition.

Participants include Jonathan Luke Austin, Rocco Bellanova, Roland Bleiker, Charmaine Chua, Charlotte Epstein, Penny Von Eschen, Gloria Gonzalez Fuster, Kevin Gaines, Aida Hozic, Naeem Inayatullah, Anna Leander, L. H. M. Ling, Stephanie Perazzone, Delf Rothe, Rune Saugmann, Michael J. Shapiro, Benjamin Tallis, Ana Clara Telles, and Elspeth Van Veeren.

The workshop will take place in an old photographic studio in the historic centre of San Francisco, and include both traditional paper presentations, multi-media presentations, photography exhibits, and film screenings.

Segments of the workshop will be open to a public audience, as well as public participation. As we have limited space available for this purpose, those interested in attending are encouraged to register as soon as is possible.

Any queries should be directed at and further details are available at