Programme | Post-Critique in Rio de Janeiro

Next week, I am organising a workshop on the theory, practice, and methods of post-critique for International Relations in Rio de Janeiro, at the Institute of International Relations of PUC-Rio. The workshop will draw on a diverse range of critical perspectives, including international political sociology, critical security studies, feminist theory, decolonial theory, and beyond.

Participants at the workshop include myself, Anna Leander, Jimmy Casas Klausen, Michael C. Williams, Paulo Chamon, Jef Huysmans, Audrey Alejandro, Rebecca Adler-Nissen, Esme Bosme, Roberto Vilchez Yamato, Christian Bueger, Farai Chipato, Joao Nogueira, Paula Sandrin, Jean-Francois Drolet, Andrea Gill, Thiego Braz, Matt Davies, Stefano Guzzini, and more.

The workshop has the following structure:

    1. What’s (the problem with) post-critique?
    2. Crisis and Critique
    3. The Theory of Post-Critique
    4. The Practice of Post-Critique
    5. Methods for Post-Critique
    6. Post-Critique Beyond the West

The programme for the workshop can be downloaded here.