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For and against post-critique

My latest article The Public, its problems, and post-critique is now available at International Politics Reviews. The article is a response to critiques of my work on critical international relations, specifically those by Philip Conway, Martina Tazzioli, and Daniele Lorenzini. The article makes three main claims ‘in defense’ of post critique. First: post-critique is ultimately […]

International Political Design | Call for Papers | EISA 2022

Could we make algorithms that improve world politics? Emancipatory computational designs for global publics? Artistic installations that jolt us into critique? Crafted objects that generate reflection on war, violence, and alternative futures? Designs for different international futures? These questions are at the core of a standing section that myself and Anna Leander are convening at […]

Seeing all evil: The global cruelty of digital visibility

My new article Seeing all evil: The Global Cruelty of Digital Visibility has now been published open access with Global Studies Quarterly. The article explores the relationships between digital mediation, violence, and ontological security. Abstract: Cruelty is a historical constant across world politics. Nonetheless, something has changed. Today, it is possible to observe death,massacre, torture, […]

Making is thinking | EWIS 2022 Workshop

Myself and Anna Leander are organizing a 2022 European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS) workshop titled Making is thinking: Design, craft, and the practice of International Relations. The event will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece. The workshop explores relationships between international relations, design theory and practice, craft, making, theories of human-computer interaction, aesthetics, science and […]

Article | Designing-With/In World Politics

Myself and Anna Leander have published an article entitled Designing-With/In World Politics: Manifestos for an International Political Design. The article explores the contemporary relationship between social sciences that explore world politics and design theory, calling for a radical extension of the quotidian praxis of the former into modes of material-aesthetic making. C I T A […]

The Poetry of Moans and Sighs

I have a new piece published in Frame: Journal of Literary Studies, which discusses how we can think about ‘designs for and against evil.’ The piece draws on the work of Iraqi novelist Ahmed Saadawi, alongside architectural theory and praxis, to describe the ‘poetry of moans and sighs’ that afflict world politics. It begins with […]

International Political Design | Call for Contributions

* Deadline extended to 20th March 2020. This Autumn, myself and Anna Leander are organizing a section at the European International Studies Association’s annual meeting (EISA-PEC 20) in Malta. We are soliciting contributions (papers, panels, round tables, objects, art-installations, and more) for an ongoing and developing research project termed International Political Design (IPD), being carried […]

Publication | The Departed Militant

  My latest publication – The Departed Militant: A Portrait of Joy, Violence, and Political Evil – is now forthcoming at Security Dialogue. This is a quite personal piece in which I offer a narrative or portrait of the contours of what is usually termed ‘terrorism’ based on my own friendship with an Islamist militant […]

European International Studies Association Meeting in Sofia

The 2019 Pan-European Conference, hosted by the European International Studies Association (EISA), took place this September in Sofia, Bulgaria. The 2019 conference theme focused on the ‘seen and unseen of international relations,’ drawing together leading scholars from across the world. In Sofia, I presented several papers exploring the relationship between material technological design and world […]

Programme | Post-Critique in Rio de Janeiro

Next week, I am organising a workshop on the theory, practice, and methods of post-critique for International Relations in Rio de Janeiro, at the Institute of International Relations of PUC-Rio. The workshop will draw on a diverse range of critical perspectives, including international political sociology, critical security studies, feminist theory, decolonial theory, and beyond. Participants […]