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Post-Critical IR in Rio | Call for Papers

Post-Critical IR moves its discussions to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August (29-31) 2019. A number of places at the Rio workshop are available for new participants. Our goal is to use these places to extend our discussions beyond their current boundaries. We are particularly keen to hear from interested participants with a focus on […]

Workshop | Security Dialogue Horizon Scan

On March 25th I will take part in the Security Dialogue ‘Horizon Scan’ workshop at the University of Toronto, as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. During the workshop, I will present on the changing state of critique within Critical Security Studies and International Relations. Other contributors will include Antoine Bousquet, Carol Cohn, Marieke de […]

Doing and Mediating Critique

My latest article (with Rocco Bellanova and Mareile Kaufmann) is now available at Security Dialogue (50, 1). The article forms a part of the jubilee special issue of Security Dialogue entitled ‘Doing and Mediating Critique,’ curated by myself, Rocco Bellanova, and Mareile Kaufmann, and including articles from Claudia Aradau and Jef Huysmans, Peter Burgess, Laura Sjoberg, Debbie Lisle and […]

Article | Towards an International Political Ergonomics

Towards an International Political Ergonomics My latest article, entitled Towards an International Political Ergonomics, is now forthcoming at the European Journal of International Relations. The article proposes the establishment of an ‘applied’ IR through the integration of ergonomic, design-centric, and new materialist theories of how change occurs in the world. A pre-print version of Towards an International Political Ergonomics […]

Talk | Ergonomics, Critique and Politics

On Thursday 6th December I gave a talk at the University of Ottawa’s Centre for International Policy Studies entitled ‘Towards an International Political Ergonomics’ based on my current work exploring the interconnections between social theory, technology, and political change. A video version of the talk will be available shortly.

Workshop | Sensing Collectives

In a week or so, I will present some of my latest work (co-authored with Anna Leander) at the Hybrid Lab, Berlin. We will present a paper entitled “(De)Composing the Californian Aesthetic.” The programme for the event can be found below.  

Publication | Doing and Mediating Critique

An early (pre-print) version of my latest article (with Rocco Bellanova and Mareile Kaufmann) entitled Doing and Mediating Critique: An Invitation to Practice Companionship is now available. The article will be published in Security Dialogue 50 (1), 2019. Abstract What does it mean to study security from a critical perspective? This question keeps haunting critical security studies. […]

Politics Beyond Technology | New Project

In collaboration with Anna Leander, I will shortly be launching a new project entitled Politics Beyond Technology. The project focuses affirmatively on the possibilities of a new renewed engagement with the material and technological vis-a-vis the problems facing International Relations, but does so not only theoretically, conceptually, or philosophically, but in dramatically practical terms: outlining how the […]

Research Profile Interview | Jet d’encre

The independent Geneva-based news journal Jet d’Encre has published an interview reviewing my research profile, carried out with the kind enthusiasm of  Miguel Iglesias López and Victor Santos Rodriguez. The interview can be found at the Jet d’Encre website, or below, in English and French.