As part of my research agenda, I convene regular workshops and exhibitions on questions core to world politics. These workshops break the mold of traditional academic formats and have all led to important interventions into the social sciences, fields of practice, and other communities concerned.

Post-critique and world politics

Between 2018-2019, I convened a series of workshops exploring the relationship between post-critical social theory (‘post-critique’) and the theory and practice of international relations. These workshops took place at the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for the Resolution of International Conflicts (CRIC) and the Institute of International Relations (IRI) at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. A section (with Anna Leander) was also convened at the 2018 European International Studies meeting in Prague.


world political compositions

Between 2018-2019, I convened a series of workshops exploring the place of political aesthetics and compositional methodologies in contemporary world politics. These workshops broke with traditional academic formats substantially. For instance, a workshop convened in San Francisco took place in a photographic studio and was designed as an exhibition, as much as an academic event.

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politics beyond technology

Between 2019-2020, I am convening a series of workshops exploring the relationship between technology, design, and world politics. These events are taking place in Geneva, Switzerland and Tripoli, Lebanon, bringing together academics, practitioners, and artists.



other workshops

Beyond the series of workshops I have convened above, I have also organized a series of ad-hoc workshops based around my other research interests. This includes workshops on ‘Doing Visual International Relations’ (European Workshops in International Studies, 2018, with Stephanie Perazzone), a series of workshops on new perspectives on political violence, events on border violence, and beyond.