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My research attempts to link together multiple complex theoretical understandings of the world political with their deep empirical application to problems of concrete concern in international relations. Towards that end, I draw eclectically on work from within International Political Sociology (IPS), Social Theory, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, and Sociology, as well as far beyond, throughout my research. At present, I am more specifically working to combine microsociological, ethnographic, and ethnomethodological approaches to understanding political violence in order to provide new insights into its ‘global’ ontological status. Throughout my work I also maintain a particular ‘aesthetic’ sensibility, drawing on art, literature, cinema, and related fields in order to better understand and explore what might sometimes seem rather more ‘technical’ issues of world politics. I also pursue a particular focus on Middle Eastern politics, having lived and worked in the region for much of my life. Please see the following sections for more detail on my current research trajectories:

1.  Small Worlds of Violence
2.  Post-Critical IR
3.  The Violence Prevention (VIPRE) Initiative
4.  World Political Compositions
5.  Additional Working Projects